Located in Chicago, Arbing Editions is an invitational, part-time, workshop dedicated to collaborative, hand-printed, original lithography projects.

Equipped with a Fuchs & Lang Type-4 hand press, a library of 45 stones up to 24" X 36" and a full compliment of Takach Press composition rollers, Arbing Editions is capable of single to multiple run projects on stone, aluminum ball grained and positive photo plates.

Founded in 2017 as a part-time workshop, Arbing Editions collaborates with selected artists from the development of non-aesthetic considerations, through formal Trial Proofing to the designation of an Approval to Print. After the project contract is agreed upon, the project is scheduled to the workshop's availability, realized, curated and documented with the highest of standards.

Currently, Arbing Editions is not receiving inquiries for contract projects.

Arbing Editions